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Clinical Services


Many people are affected by everyday stresses and strains and sometimes this can become quite overwhelming and take over many aspects of your life. Psychological therapies can be very effective to help your understand your difficulties, where they have come from and what keeps them going.


As a clinical psychologist, I have trained in a number of different therapies which allow me to find the right approach that will suit your needs. These include the evidence based approaches of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) and Brief Solution Focused Therapy.


I have also completed postdoctoral training in the assessment of autistic spectrum conditions, assessment of attachment in children and in parenting approaches and strategies.



What happens in sessions?


Following an initial telephone consultation, we arrange a first appointment. I always begin by undertaking a thorough assessment.  Information will be gained to help us come to a shared understanding of what your difficulties are and more importantly what maintains them. This helps us agree on your needs and what changes you would like to make as well as the best way to help you.


With children and families I often include key family members and other important people at various stages of the treatment to ensure the best possible outcome for long term gains.


With older adolescents and adults, family members may be invited to sessions but the work is typically with the individual. This helps create a safe and confidential space allowing you to develop the trust needed to work through the problems you may be facing.


I am incredibly passionate about my work and try to ensure that you and your family feel comfortable and informed about what we hope to achieve in our sessions together. I strive to work creatively with all age groups so that sessions are enjoyable and engaging.



How much will it cost?


Fees will be discussed with you at the outset of therapy and are dependent on intervention needed. As a guide, sessions are charged at £95 per hour. Payment can be made by cash or electronic bank transfer after each session.


I accept referrals from professionals (i.e your GP) or you can self refer.  I am registered with all the major insurance companies.

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